Coronavirus Update – What we are doing at Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee

Updated 03/13/2020

We are concerned for the health and safety of our volunteers and employees, as well as protecting the health of our community partners and the people we serve. We are monitoring the current situation regarding Coronavirus and are in communication with our partners at the Manatee County Health Department, Senior Connection Center, and the Florida Department of Health to ensure we are implementing proper plans and procedures to maintain the safety and continuity of our services and protect the health of people in our community.

Here’s what we’re doing:

Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee has extremely high standards of cleanliness and sanitation practices that are always in place to help protect against the spread of illness. In addition:

•    Signs have been posted at all entry and exit points notifying anyone who in the past 14 days has

  1. traveled internationally or through an international airport, and/or
  2. have or had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus, or a person under monitoring for Coronavirus and/or
  3. had a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing to refrain from entering any program sites, or meal delivery.

•    Volunteers and staff have been provided hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and gloves for use.
•    Our facilities are equipped with multiple places to wash or to sanitize hands, including hand sanitizer dispensers at each entry point.
•    Vehicles used to transport clients are disinfected daily.
•    Surfaces in shared spaces and restrooms are sanitized multiple times daily.

Volunteers and staff are encouraged to focus on health first:

•    Volunteers and staff have been told that if they are ill, they should stay home. If they have fever, cough, body aches or other symptoms reported as possible symptoms of the Coronavirus, they should contact a health care provider and not enter any facilities or participate in any programs.
•    There are hand sanitizers and handwashing locations throughout our buildings. Sanitizing wipes and gloves have also been provided.

We are working to ensure households have access to nutrition and caring, supportive services:

•    Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee is continuing to deliver meals to hundreds of homebound and disabled residents in Manatee County.
•    The Food Bank of Manatee continues to supply our network of nearly 100 partners and programs with food.
•    Participants in our Friendship Dining Center programs continue to receive meals with modified programming available.
•    We are grateful for the support of food industry donations and financial support from the public that support our work to source, store, and transport food in Manatee County.

 How you can help:

•    If you are visiting any Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee program site, please observe posted signs regarding your current state of health, hand washing, and other safety measures.
•    If you are not feeling well, and/or if you have traveled outside the United States in the last 14 days, and/or you have been in contact with someone who is known to or may have COVID-19, please refrain from entering the program site.