• February 9, 2018
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FBM Valentine_front

Valentine’s Day is often filled with delicious meals, flowers, and sweets. For our food-insecure neighbors, however, it’s another day between choosing to buy groceries or paying for other necessities like rent, medical care, and transportation. Hunger is a year-round crisis for a growing number of hard-working families and seniors here in Manatee County.

In the Valentine’s Spirit of love and kindness, you can spread hope to children, families, and seniors in need. Please consider making a gift to Meals on Wheels PLUS or The Food Bank of Manatee in honor of someone in your life.

A Little goes a long way, and your generosity will touch many hearts. Each $1 you donate provides up to 10 meals for hungry families in Manatee County. To put it a different way, a $50 gift–the cost of dining out for two–provides enough food for 500 meals.

Thanks for showing your love and support, and we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!