811 23rd Avenue E., Bradenton, FL 34208 (941) 747-4655

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Mission, Vision, Values
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Our Mission

To assist individuals to live independently by providing nutrition and caring, supportive services.

Our Vision

Individuals in Manatee County have access to programs that end hunger and promote independent living.

Our Values

Service Excellence
We strive to provide excellent customer service to our clients, our customers, our volunteers, and to each other.

We appreciate our donors, our sponsors, our Board Members, the agencies we serve, and the community partners who support us.

We are transparent in full disclosure of our operations and stewardship.

Employee Well-being
We promote respect, teamwork, opportunities for growth, and our culture of caring for one another.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement
We are continuously seeking new ideas and the latest technology and trends to work as efficiently as possible.